Slowly but steadily


Good evening to all of you

Having just stopped to being absorbed in the work on the new album, I was suddenly overcome with the urge to drop some news here.

All right, I'm still alive and Asmarae album 3 is in the making. I would like to mention that this process goes 'at full speed' and 'with giant steps', but the opposite is actually the case.

It is not easy to get everything under one hat as part of the working and overly hobby-driven society:

The many instruments now and then want to get their (in the end anyway much too small) portion of practice, the above-mentioned album overwhelms me with ideas and plans that one can 'someday' realize, rehearsals with my actual main band Yttrium have also to be held and I also have a social life and that of an employee by the way.

Anyone who would be mad about the slow progression of the album would be in the wrong, taking these circumstances into regard.

But unfortunately, I am one of these persons myself. I resent it myself. I would like to create, record and publish music on an ongoing basis and expand my still very small audience from day to day, but that's how it is.

But enough with the lament. I have good news, because the album will have a real artwork for the first time, not as my first two.

I'm simply not a graphic artist and since I completely took care of those artworks (the whole designs including the covers) myself back then, they admittedly look kind of amateurish, which, however, can not in the least shatter my proudness regarding the two releases.

Still, isn't this a nice step in becoming a little bit more professional?

Even if I can hardly wait to present that artwork, I still will until the album is on saver ground.

Until then, I hope you will hold on to me and maybe even look forward to the approaching revelations (in screw speed).

Until then,


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After all, a lot of people from outside of Germany are interested in all of this and now I've got their backs.



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Dunkelsteinschimmersaal I

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