Dunkelsteinschimmersaal I EN

Behind paths deeply interwoven between crevices and gaps, our view opens up a barren landscape, a cold expanse full of airing secrets waiting to be sung and recorded. Monuments of steel and stone tower out of this desert, like pillars, wanting to support the stalactite ceiling, but not reaching it. Swaths of mist swirl at their feet and form a second sea, as well as the one that borders the steep shores and whose black, calm waters are motionless. The silence in this world is as oppressive as it is liberating.

'Not a single sound serves communication'

"Dunkelsteinschimmersaal i" is now available as a physical digipack CD with a 12-page booklet (limited to 25 pieces worldwide!) and for digital download.

The CD contains 12 dark songs that introduce the inclined listener to the vastness of Asmarae.


Digital - 7€ (right hand side)

Digipack - 13€ (excl. 2€ packaging and shipping within Germany, other destinations may vary)

For the physical version:


  • Prepayment: Just send a mail with address and order.

  • PayPal: Also available at Bandcamp.


If you wish to, I will sign the product, for which the digipack will of course no longer be delivered welded.

A purchase means enormous supports to me, be it a physical one in case of old-fashioned collector's joy or just a digital one for general support.

Thank you!

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